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Dangers of with a Bed Bugs Infestation

If you don’t know, bed bugs drink human blood to survive. What are the down falls related to this and how can we protect or selves from even getting bed bugs infestation?

Bed bugs do not cause viruses or disease. They are different from mosquitoes which can transmit disease by biting humans.  A study on bed bugs causing the spread of leprosy, Q-fever and brucellosis is said to have been completed with poor results.

The main thing is bed bugs are bad and the average person does not know what or if bed bugs spread any type of disease or pathogen. There are a few illnesses that bed bugs cause and are quite concerning.


Bed bugs may make and individual’s allergies more sensitive and flare up due to the bites that the bedbugs are making. Allergies flare ups may not be documented with bed bug bites, however it is something that may happen. 


If the infestation is sever, there have been documented cases of bed bugs causing anemia.   This usually happens in children and people who are immunocompromised. Every time a bed bug bites, the amount of blood is diminished from the individual.


Asthma is a major concern because tissue that is left behind by egg shells, molted skin and bed bug fecal matter can cause asthma attacks.  Even though the triggered attack is not fatal, it is something than can make an individual’s respiratory issues worse. 

Bacterial Skin Infection

Exterior skin infection may start with sever scratching that would lead to scratches on the skin and potential bleeding of the infected area. Once the skin breaks and is open to a bacterial infection from touch, the bed or anything in our

environment, the bacteria can cause skin infections requiring antibiotic treatment.





Itchy bed bug bites on a woman’s lower back and buttocks

Lethargy Due to Lack of Sleep

Having a prolonged skin irritation can cause lack of sleep due to the bed bug infestation.  Prolonged sleep can cause
any ones daily performance to drop.

Systemic Poisoning

Sever bed bug infestation can cause multiple bites from bed bugs which could cause systemic poisoning.  A bed bug bit
releases a chemical that mixes with the human blood. Elderly, immunocompromised and children are at the most risk for systemic poisoning. Detecting the infestation early to avoid health concerns like this is a must for these types of individual to avoid addition health issues. 

When an individual is bitten, the bites will swell and can cause blisters in extreme cases. To remediate the issues with bed bugs, a home needs to be remediate and the bed bug bites need to be treated to clear up the issues.  Contact a Pest Busters Omaha to provide a discrete estimate to remediate bed bugs with the bed bug heat treatment process.

Bed Bug Prevention

Many times bed bugs are transmitted during from one place to another when someone goes on a trip.  When they return home there is a chance that a few bed bugs were transported in to the home.

Check the hotels or place you are staying

Survey the area that you are staying in by looking under beds, behind head boards and furniture to see if there is any evidence of a bed bug infestation. 


Check Clothing and Bags before leaving

Prior to leaving the hotel or room you are staying in, check clothing and bags to verify that there is no evidence that you will be transferring bed bugs.  An estimated 5% of all hotels have bed bug problems. Bed bugs can be seen and it is easy to transmit them from place to place.

Re check bags and wash all clothing when you return home

Some would say to change clothing before entering one’s own home. That may not be realistic to actually do and a simple way to eliminate bed bugs is to make sure you wash all clothing upon returning home and recheck your bags.  It is possible to transfer bed bugs as any time when traveling.  When a person travels they place their bags on train, buses, planes and other transportation that may have bed bugs.  Doubling  checking and rechecking is a simple thing that anyone can do to eliminate any bed bug intruder from entering a home.

Vacuum Beds

Vacuuming beds is another simple step that home owners can do to stop any bed bug infestation. Vacuuming a bed every so often can help eliminate bed bugs and keep your home clean and tidy.

How does a pest control exterminator remediate bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be a problem for any home. No home is immune to bed bugs. If a homeowner completes scheduled cleaning tasks for their home or business, it will eliminate many pest infestations and prevent them completely.  If for some reason a bed bug infestation is already happing, contact a bed bug company to remediate you pest infestation.  

The Different Ways To Invest In Real Estate

When buying an investment property it can be a way of generating income and wealth over time. In today’s market there are a number of different ways investors can invest in real estate. When reviewing the different ways to invest, investors can see which way is the best way that they can invest and what makes the most sense for their situation.  The following ways of investing in real estate are just a few ways that investors can invest.


Buying Rental Properties

 Buying rental properties can be a great way to invest while generating a passive income and property value increase over time.  The pros can range from a monthly income and appreciation of the property, allows the owner to maximize capital with leverage and provide the property owner with many tax-deductible expenses.   The cons can range from dealing with tenants, tenants that damage the property, and less income from property vacancies.


House Flipping

Flipping a house is for people that have capital and can manage a property renovation.  Investors that buy a home for flipping need to buy the home that needs work or improvements.  The investor is buying the home at a discounted price and then remodeling the home with improvements that the home needs.  Those improvements increase the value of the home price allowing the investors to make a profit on the home. The pros of house flipping are it ties up capital for a shorter time period, quick cash offer returns. The cons requires a deeper market knowledge and if a hot market cools suddenly it may cost the investor. If you are looking for the right Remodeling Companies Kansas City, the first step is to contact FlipKC at call 816-916-1340.


Real Estate Investment Groups (REIGs)

REIG’s are a group of investors that invest in properties.  They can buy rental properties, fix and flips and other types of real estate investing. Investing in a REIG’s is more of a hands off for the investors.  Investors can own a property in the group of properties that is managed by group.  The pros are that it is a more hands off approach to rentals and can provide an income and appreciation. The cons can be higher vacancies, fees comparable to mutual funds an higher manager fees due to bad management.  


Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

A REITs is created as a corporation or a trust and uses investors money to purchase properties. The REITS also use the money to operate the properties. REITs are bought and sold on the exchange like any stock. The pros are the core holdings tend to be long term cash leases and are dividend paying stocks. The main con is that the leveraging real estate cannot be used.


Online Real Estate Platforms

Real Estate Platforms is done online and is related to larger projects such as commercial and a larger residential deal.  The deals are done on a real estate crowd funding site and requires individuals to have capital for investing. It does not require as much investment but the investor still needs capital to invest. These online platforms connect investors who have capital that want to finance a project allowing investors to diversify their investments.  The pros allow investors to invest in a single or multiple project and allow investors to invest anywhere around the globe. The cons require money to be locked up over a period of time and may require management fees.   


In conclusion when investing in real estate, Investors have multiple options or ways that they can invest or diversify their real estate investments.  When investing in real estate it is possible to create investment that can generate passive income for years to come.  Is you want to sell your house quickly in the Kansas City area, you can contact flipKC Cash Offer with a no obligation cash purchase offer.